Mithibai Reclamo 24

Tushar Deulkar

Dear Readers,

Reclamo means more than just a festival; it’s where I found family and love. Being part of this festival for three pivotal years has profoundly sculpted my journey. I’m thankful for the friendships forged, the skills honed, and the memories created—the cornerstone of my college journey, shaping me into a more resilient, collaborative, and appreciative individual.

We aim to rekindle passion and creativity from past experiences in this year’s events. Our theme, “Reign of Memories,” pays homage to ten years filled with joy, education, and boundless imagination. It respects our history while igniting motivation for what’s to come.

We want to bring back the excitement and clever ideas from our past into this year’s events. Our aim is to revive what brings us together, creating a colorful picture of shared moments, love, and lots of creativity. Reclamo isn’t just a festival; it’s a long-lasting story of friendships and endless imagination.

The festival isn’t just about what happens during those days; it’s about the journey leading up to it—the thrill of planning, and the satisfaction of seeing your efforts come to life. I am so grateful to lead these departments as the Vice-Chairperson, namely, Productions, Logistics, Technicals, and Security, which weave this idea into reality.

Each year brought its unique set of challenges and joys, allowing me to explore different roles, connect with diverse minds, and contribute to something larger than myself.

As we unveil this year’s festivities, I invite you to join us in reliving the cherished memories while embracing the spirit of innovation and creativity that has defined our festival. Welcome to a jubilant reunion where the past inspires the brilliance of our future!

Tushar Deulkar
Vice-Chairperson, Reclamo’24

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