Mithibai Reclamo 24

Manas Jain

Hello Readers,

My journey with Reclamo began a couple of years ago, and little did I know it would evolve into such a significant part of my life. Reclamo, in its silent role, has been a reassuring caretaker, uplifting me in ways known only to me.

Being chosen as Vice-Chairperson wasn’t just a reward; it became a profound responsibility. I’m not merely striving to give my best; I aim to leave behind a meaningful legacy. “Legacy” is more than a word; it’s an emotion, crafted and earned through connections with people, showcasing what I’m here for.

Reclamo is more than just a fest; it’s the essence of home, a sanctuary where people grow, embrace freedom, and gain insights into the intricate world of adulthood.

Serving as the Vice-Chairperson allows me to passionately represent something I deeply care about. As a social enthusiast, I’ve curated my departments—Marketing, Media Strategy, Proshows, and Digiworks—infused with every bit of extrovertism, making it a thrilling journey through the trends of life and Reclamo.

I hope Reclamo continues to be a source of inspiration, creativity, and joy for all, and therefore, I invite you all to a celebration of unity, passion, and unforgettable memories showered with your love and support.

Manas Jain
Vice- Chairperson, Reclamo’24

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