Mithibai Reclamo 24

Palak Mittal

Hello readers,

Writing about emotions has always been difficult for me, and therefore, I tremble today as I attempt to express how Reclamo isn’t just a festival, but an emotion that I can never fully convey.

A decade doesn’t just signify 10 successful years; it’s a treasure trove of memories, nostalgia, learnings, and beautiful stories that are cherished forever. Therefore, this year, besides celebrating the 10-year-old foundation that stands deeply rooted and nourished, we’ll also pay homage to the memories, joys, and emotions of the people who kept this festival alive. “Reign of Memories” is a tribute that reflects upon the year-long journey of the legacy created by our founders and, of course, aims to carry it forward!

Being associated with a festival was always in the cards as far as I can remember, and Mithibai’s Reclamo has made it the most beautiful chapter of my life. It’s a place that builds your confidence, encourages you to expand the horizons of your imagination, and challenges you to push your limits, facing your fears event by event. The adrenaline rush you get when the auditorium fills with cheers makes all the sleepless nights worthwhile. Every event encourages you to explore your creativity, and the festival stands as a testament to it. I experienced this festival as a place where moments become timeless memories, connections fostered by our Public Relations team, an array of meticulously planned events, and an artistic spirit curated by our creative visionaries.

Working alongside the dynamic teams of Events, Public Relations, and Creatives, I’ve ventured into uncharted realms of imagination and creativity. People in RED did make everyone scream RECLAMO RECLAMO!!

I warmly welcome you to join this legacy and become a part of this extraordinary festival that invites you on a journey of excellence with open arms.

Palak Mittal

Vice-Chairperson, Reclamo’24

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